A Fine Balance – Weighing the Costs of Assessment

Most of us recognise the need to make effective use of assessment when students return in September, whether in establishing starting points, promoting learning through retrieval or in identifying potential gaps. What’s not so clear is how we should assess and – mindful of the need to focus on integrating students after so long awayContinue reading “A Fine Balance – Weighing the Costs of Assessment”

Principles of Great Assessment #3: Reliability

This is the third and final of my three part series on the principles of great assessment. In the first post I focused on the principles of assessment design, and in the second on principles relating to issues of fairness and equality. This final post attempts to get to grips with principles relating to issuesContinue reading “Principles of Great Assessment #3: Reliability”

Principles of Great Assessment #2 Validity and Fairness

This is the second of a three part series on the principles of great assessment. In my last post I focused on some principles of assessment design. This post outlines the principles that relate to ideas of validity and fairness.* As I have repeatedly stressed, I do not consider myself to be an expert inContinue reading “Principles of Great Assessment #2 Validity and Fairness”

Principles of Great Assessment #1 Assessment Design

This is the first in a short series of posts on our school’s emerging principles of assessment, which are split into three categories – principles of assessment design; principles of ethics and fairness; and principles for improving reliability and validity. My hope in sharing these principles of assessment is to help other develop greater assessmentContinue reading “Principles of Great Assessment #1 Assessment Design”

Principles of Great Assessment: Increasing the Signal and Reducing the Noise

After the government abolished National Curriculum levels, there was a great deal of initial rejoicing from both primary and secondary teachers about the death a flawed system of assessment. Many, including myself, delighted in the freedom afforded to schools to design their own assessment systems anew. At the time I had already been working onContinue reading “Principles of Great Assessment: Increasing the Signal and Reducing the Noise”