Disciplined enquiry, or how to get better at getting better

How do you know what to do to improve your teaching? And if you can identify what you need to do get better, how do you know whether what you are doing to try and improve is actually making a difference where it really matters: in developing your students’ learning? I think there are probablyContinue reading “Disciplined enquiry, or how to get better at getting better”

Evaluating CPD: hard but not impossible

* At a time of shrinking budgets, there is a need for reliable formative and summative feedback about the efficacy of professional learning. It is not acceptable to assume that, however well intentioned or well received a school’s CPD programme is, it is necessarily right for it to continue. If it is not having anContinue reading “Evaluating CPD: hard but not impossible”

What Makes Great Training? 10 ideas for developing subject knowledge and pedagogy

The need to improve the quality of professional training for teachers is, I think, becoming increasingly well understood. In a time of shrinking budgets and teacher shortages, improving professional development has in some ways become as important about teacher recruitment and retention as improving student outcomes. Recent publications have provided clarity to where leaders shouldContinue reading “What Makes Great Training? 10 ideas for developing subject knowledge and pedagogy”

Collaborative teaching cycles: from scrutinising learning to understanding learning

I’m not really a big fan of the practice of book scrutiny. What is book scrutiny? Book scrutiny usually involves a head of department or key stage co-ordinator collecting a sample of students’ books from across the teachers of a year group and evaluating the quality of student progress against some form of rubric orContinue reading “Collaborative teaching cycles: from scrutinising learning to understanding learning”

The Elements of Language – Lessons learned

It has been interesting to read the recent online discussions between David Didau and Daisy Christodoulou about the merits and pitfalls of different assessment models. Many of the issues they raise are ones that anyone who has invested time in creating an alternative to National Curriculum Levels has almost certainly encountered for themselves. This isContinue reading “The Elements of Language – Lessons learned”