CPD and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

‘Time is the school in which we learn, / Time is the fire in which we burn.’ Delmore Schwartz CPD and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Thermodynamics is the study of heat and energy. Its laws describe how energy moves around within a system. The first law describes how energy can never be created or destroyed,Continue reading “CPD and the Second Law of Thermodynamics”

Lesson observations: what can you really do in 20 minutes?

There seems to common agreement amongst teachers – at least the ones on Twitter I follow and whose blogs I read – that 20 minute lesson observations are not really long enough to properly evaluate teachers’ performance, and that performance rather than progress is all that can be measured of pupils in such a shortContinue reading “Lesson observations: what can you really do in 20 minutes?”

What blogging has done for teacher CPD

In this, my first blog, I thought I would reflect on how I came to blogging, and in this and later blogs consider some of the ways I see the sharing of ideas and approaches will help inform my practice, and the practice of the teachers in my department. In ten years of teaching IContinue reading “What blogging has done for teacher CPD”