Appraisal: down but maybe not quite out!

So, it’s that time of the school year when teachers dust off their performance management paperwork, remind themselves of the targets set 12 months previously, and then cobble together some ‘evidence’ to meet them. In some schools this is a routine, perfunctory process, a bit time consuming and inconvenient, but nevertheless relatively benign; in others,Continue reading “Appraisal: down but maybe not quite out!”

Where next for lesson observations: a tentative look to the future

I have wanted to blog on the topic of lesson observations for a while, but for a combination of reasons I have been a little reticent. Like others, I have undergone quite shift in my own attitude towards being observed. I am actually embarrassed to admit that about 18 months ago I even made aContinue reading “Where next for lesson observations: a tentative look to the future”