Evaluating CPD: hard but not impossible

* At a time of shrinking budgets, there is a need for reliable formative and summative feedback about the efficacy of professional learning. It is not acceptable to assume that, however well intentioned or well received a school’s CPD programme is, it is necessarily right for it to continue. If it is not having anContinue reading “Evaluating CPD: hard but not impossible”

What Makes Great Training? 10 ideas for developing subject knowledge and pedagogy

The need to improve the quality of professional training for teachers is, I think, becoming increasingly well understood. In a time of shrinking budgets and teacher shortages, improving professional development has in some ways become as important about teacher recruitment and retention as improving student outcomes. Recent publications have provided clarity to where leaders shouldContinue reading “What Makes Great Training? 10 ideas for developing subject knowledge and pedagogy”

Appraisal: down but maybe not quite out!

So, it’s that time of the school year when teachers dust off their performance management paperwork, remind themselves of the targets set 12 months previously, and then cobble together some ‘evidence’ to meet them. In some schools this is a routine, perfunctory process, a bit time consuming and inconvenient, but nevertheless relatively benign; in others,Continue reading “Appraisal: down but maybe not quite out!”

Enactment: turning what we know into what we do

This week a wonderful distillation into the science of learning put together by the Deans for Impact programme has been shared across Twitter. It is fantastic and concise summation of a series of cognitive principles, along with some pretty direct and helpful guidance about the application of these principles in the classroom. It really isContinue reading “Enactment: turning what we know into what we do”