The Elements of Progression: threshold concepts meet mastery learning

Last Saturday I was lucky to present at the first ResearchEd Literacy event in Swindon, organised by David Didau at the fantastic Swindon Academy. It was an exceptional day with some brilliant talks and a fabulous keynote by Ray Land on threshold concepts, sadly lost to posterity due to a technical problem. You will have to trustContinue reading “The Elements of Progression: threshold concepts meet mastery learning”

ResearchEd 2015 – a sharper focus on what works

I didn’t go to the inaugural ResearchEd conference in 2013. I did, however, get a flavour of the day from my Twitter feed and then, subsequently, from the videoed sessions kindly put together after the event. Ben Goldacre set the tone for an enthusiastic response towards the idea of teaching as more of an evidence-based profession.Continue reading “ResearchEd 2015 – a sharper focus on what works”

ResearchED Brighton: inside out not bottom up

I have been to several ResearchEd events, but I have to say that I thought yesterday’s conference in Brighton was the best one, at least in terms of the amount and quality of ideas I took away with me. The high standard of the speakers certainly helped, as did the deliberate decision to make theContinue reading “ResearchED Brighton: inside out not bottom up”